When I mention the word LOCAL to you what is your first thought?


We all have that first thought of Local.

  • The local bakery we used to go to for homemade doughnuts.
  • The local pizzeria that we always compare pizza to anytime we get one elsewhere..
  • Maybe the local gas station that you used to go to with your Father  as a child.
  • A local park that you played football or baseball or maybe just sat in the swing at.
  • I remember Jennys pond as a Local pind where I used to feed the ducks and geese the stale peices of bread.


Those local memories are where it is at.  Your hometown is made up of an exclusive groupo of entuerpenuers who are all

trying their hardest to help support and grow your community.  Isn’t it time to start making local memories with you and your family by shipping local and meeting all your local merchants.

They’ll be glad you did and so will you!

It’s time to go and Meet your Locals –

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